riding rollercoasters in April showers 

Why is it exciting to be so scared?

I understand that sometimes my heart feels like it’s been here before almost as if my soul got stuck in this transitional phase 

Between the person I put so much effort into being versus the person that was hand crafted from a life of heartbreak and drugs .. I meant 808s

I know I’ve made mistakes and somehow allowed Siri to take over my GPS. So here I am..  standing in front of your heart when I thought I was on the way to mine

Tell me, have you ever been so afraid that you’re not even afraid anymore?

That’s the feeling you give me .. similar to the time I crawled through my own heart .. hands and knees bare but my mind strong enough to understand that my shoulders were responsible for holding my head .. knowing that they would do a better job than she ever did.

I’ve heard that rollercoasters are for those who have never been in love and theme parks are created for those souls that were fortunate enough to have never been molded into an irregular regular shape that those who in geometry have a difficult time calculating the area of

There’s a curious streak in my spine that tickles those baby hairs at the very edge of my hairline. It scares me to know that I’m on the edge of something .. on the edge of growth .. I just want my soul to get stuck in the feeling that miss 20 something slide in my back pocket on my way to the candy isle in Walmart that one time at 2am
I just want to know how it feels to just fall.. I just want to be high enough to know what it feels like to just fall…..


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