“where the hell you been ” – sza

You never said we were shifting gears because you know my transmission gets stuck in Reverse every time I change it to Drive

But, for you I’d hit the quick change to Neutral and push my way until gravity hit my spine

Honestly honesty wouldn’t have allowed me to stop the fight there was between my love and your heart

Because sometimes when the moon is busy comforting the crying sky, I find myself missing the way you need me

Need me on a sunny day like a day out by the pool, but even more on the coldest day of the coldest winter you’ve experienced because my hands are warm enough to relax your thoughts with no sign of a sexual climax

You never told me that those things didn’t keep you interested anymore, that my love wasn’t entertaining enough to keep the boredom away. You never told me that my long jump wasnt good enough to make it right in front of your heart. Knowing my ankles were weaker than my fists so I would never be able to fight for you that way..

I don’t wanna be miss 20 something stuck on the first time she came home broken

I hope that this 20 something miss can understand that she is great

I can only pray that these 20 somethings don’t take the youthfulness that I’m saving for my thirties.

In reality, I don’t want to be 20 something seeing you on a random night at a random place when reefer has my mind and alcohol has my tongue saying you WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN…

– tai 🥀



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