This pressure 

I would wrap my words around your heart as protection for your soul,I know I’m shy but my hips move w so much certainty that I’m able to write lost lover letters between your thighs

But between your thighs I’ve found mouth gold , like a grill that’s more wet than it is icy 

I’ve found the curve in your spine right above your back dimples, my hands appreciate it’s depth 

The things that I could express to you in just a second or two .. but I wanna take my time so I don’t miss any piece of you .. 

so I don’t miss you on a night when my levels are high and my gate is low  

This pressure , I feel it in my walk .. sometimes in my words .. but this pressure filled a space of loss .. a space that lacked an exodus . 

 tip of my tongue values the pressure released with every flick ..

This pressure.. my pressure is yours 
-tai 🥀


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