On this morning the morning after the night of a recent heartbreak

Buried all my feelings I’m withholding the mess that i’ve created out of this heart of mine

The expectation of my mind is not realistic to the situation at hand, I promise I’m sorry because I’m way more damaged than I put off and sometimes my insecurities out shine my confidence

I tried to leave you songs in your inbox because music understands that even though my heartbeat is some kind of consistency between shallow and nonexistent, my feelings are still as heavy as holding the weight of a broken spirit.. invisible but still present

I’m not good at running unless its from the cops but this you probably understand is true because I run from you and end up at the door of your heart screaming for someone to let me in.. my hands bruised , wrist steps away from breaking.. regardless I still am trying to fight my way in

If only I can stay for you, If only my prayers for you, for us were louder so maybe someone special could carry along the message…apology is an option but it is just a band-aid  for stupid actions

We make art, the beautiful abstract kind that makes you remember your favorite high experience that one time at 2am when the molly is pulling your feelings out of your heart by the edge of your finger tips..

If the world should end for us tonight, my feelings could never be hurt.. because I’ve found the moon inside of your eyes and the beauty of everything I’ve ever lost on its way back to me in every step you take.

Pull me back together again and make the woman in doubt disappear .. on that morning the morning after the night I couldn’t sleep . I felt my heart move its way through my stomach gathering the butterflies you left behind grabbing my pride by its horns ending its journey somehow between my tear ducts and your inbox



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